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Dr. Toby Lingafelter

20 Years Experience

People often ask me why I chose to become a Chiropractor.

Well, it's actually a combination of several reasons, but one big reason stands out! In my previous life as a golf professional, I spent countless hours behind a counter taking tee times and giving instructions on the driving range. Unfortunately, all that time took a toll on my low back, hip, and knee, leaving me in excruciating pain multiple times a year.

Luckily, I turned to a Chiropractor friend for help, and not only did they swiftly alleviate my pain, but they also improved my golf game almost instantly! When the time came for a career change, the decision was a no-brainer!

As a Chiropractor, I have the privilege of assisting individuals with various concerns like neck, back, hip, knee, and shoulder pain. I also have the opportunity to empower them with knowledge about their body, enabling them to embark on a fulfilling health and wellness journey. This brings me immense satisfaction!

Why did I add Softwave Tissue Regeneration

Technology to my practice?

For selfish reasons, I need to find a treatment protocol to heal and repair my right shoulder.  Just over a decade ago I tore my pec, labrum, rhomboids, and who knows what else in my right arm.

When I discovered Softwave TRT last year, I immediately began treatment on my shoulder in my office.  A year later, I have 90% less pain, 95% increase in  range of motion, and I am able to treat the shoulder with Softwave periodically to keep it strong!  Amazing device!

I found out about the Softwave TRT device from a classmate/colleague of mine in mid- Missouri.  He had a device for about 2 years and could not be happier with the results he was getting!  I then grabbed my orthopedic surgeon friend from here in St. Louis, and we made a day trip to Colombia, Missouri on a Sunday to see Softwave in action. 

The rest, as the say, is History!!

Happy Client Reviews

Doc Toby is my go to personal health adviser. He is open and honest. He treats you when you need to be treated and does not insist on a certain number of visits. He is constantly expanding his knowledge base and health services. His professionalism is unmatched.

– Rob P.

Walked in with migraine….walked out without a migraine! Thank you Dr. Toby

– Kate K

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